Hippie, punk, goth, vegan-flexible, yoga fan searching for harmony at all levels, physical, sensual, emotional, intellectual, “relational”. I want to follow my dreams but I don’t know which one, so I make it work with what I have, where I am, with whom I am.

Born and raised in Belgium, I am a linguist by formation and by passion; I have studied literature and linguistics in French, English, American, Dutch, and Italian. I also have a background and training in ballet. Exploring the capabilities of mind and body led me to yoga and eventually to sharing yoga with others. I have completed a 300hr SIYI Precision Alignment Yoga certification, which was the logical culmination of a 12 plus year yoga practice. In yoga I love to challenge the body (safely, unlike ballet) with discipline, focus and gracefulness (like ballet) to achieve the only form of meditation that really works for me. “Yoga is my version of flying.”

Yves-Antoine is also a professor of French at Stetson University in DeLand. He has been a faculty member since 1992.

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