Fundamentals of Movement

Join Melissa for a Precision Alignment yoga class with a focus on using movement to improve specific areas of the body (especially those that tend to be weak due to poor posture). We’ll get creative, use the yoga wall (sling and ropes), blocks, straps, chairs, resistance bands and fascia balls.

Every last Monday of the month will be a myofascial release class. This class is for easing tension and tight muscles, and getting into deep stretches to relax the area of focus for the month.

Relaxation Yoga

This evening yoga class is designed to prepare your body for rest and relaxation. We’ll incorporate light stretching to allow the body to relax and various meditations to prepare the mind for rest. We’ll use props like blankets, bolsters, and blocks in a relaxing and candle-lit environment.

Alignment Slow Flow

Using the principles of Precision Alignment Yoga, the postures are taught in a flow sequence, moving from one posture into the next.

Yoga Wall Alignment

Through the principles of Precision Alignment Yoga, in this class you will explore the postures using the Yoga Wall as your primary tool to assist in aligning the body.

Back Care Basics

Learn and use basic Precision Alignment Yoga principles to help keep your back safe and moving towards health.