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Ella Ran

Dance and surfing were my passions growing up. It wasn’t until 2006, during my training to become a dance instructor, that I was really introduced to yoga. I could immediately tell it was a great way to cultivate more awareness of my body, strengthen muscles I didn’t even know I had, and become more flexible (which can help prevent injury). I continued taking the occasional class for about a decade, until a chronic injury and skydiving accident (whiplash) led me to yoga for therapeutic reasons.

In deepening my practice in the precision alignment method, I’ve gained many tools to help deal with chronic back & neck pain. After eight years of pain and acute flare ups, I feel stronger, healthier and am mostly pain free. I know that Precision Alignment Yoga is a big part of that. My decision to go through the 300 hour SIYI teacher training program was spurred by a desire to become healthier and reduce my own pain. After realizing how incredible these tools are that I’ve been given, I am eager to share this knowledge with others in the hopes of helping them prevent or alleviate injuries.

In addition to the yoga postures (asana) being an incredible tool for improving physical health, I’ve found the entire eight limb path of yoga to have a positive impact on my emotional and mental health. It’s so much more than getting the posture right. It’s about using your breath to control your state of mind, incorporating age-old ideas such as non-violence (ahimsa) into your life, and so so much more. I look forward to every class I teach, and every student who gives me the opportunity to share this journey with. Namaste.