Props For Yoga

There are many reasons why props are used in yoga. Their use was pioneered by B.K.S Iyengar whose in-depth work with props, people of all ages and health conditions made yoga accessible to all. Props are an aid to be used according to the needs of the moment, the asana (posture) and the student.

Our Mission

As a Precision Alignment Yoga school, we focus our asana training strongly on the principles of anatomical alignment. Yoga does not simply start and finish with postures. It is a holistic system and philosophy. At the heart of that system you will find what is called the Eight Limbs of Yoga.

A Look Inside the Yoga Shed

The Yoga Shed Studio is located just across the street from Skydive DeLand and less than two miles from Stetson University and Historic Downtown DeLand. Drop by the studio and try your first class with us for free.