Gail Merritt

Gail Merritt

Yoga Teacher
Deland, FL
386 943 9180

Gail has practiced yoga since she was a teenager and taught yoga since 2013. When she moved to New Smyrna Beach, she found her “yoga home” at the Yoga Shed in Deland. Their practice of the Iyengar lineage “Precision Alignment Yoga” allowed her to explore her alignment. In her thirst for more knowledge, she attended and completed the Shed’s teacher training under Emma Tranter. It was during this training she first experienced Yoga Nidra. Gail fell in love with this meditation & deep relaxation technique. Wanting to know more she continued her studies of Yoga Nidra at the Amrit Yoga Institute. Attending both the level 1 training and the Advanced Program. This became her passion and lead as many sessions of Yoga Nidra as she could. In 2020 her curiosity was again peaked; how could she get deeper into the transformational meditations. She returned to the Amrit Yoga Institute and starting from scratch she took the Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training. This training focuses on using postures to move the body into deeper relaxation and meditation by preparing the body and mind though breath and the flow of energy through the body. Truly, a transformational practice!!!

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    I’m excited to pursue another passion that I didn’t realize existed within me, which is to deepen my yoga practice not only as an eternal student, but now as a yoga instructor with the Shed.

    Heather Muroski

    I love being able to share with students the power we posses over our own bodies. Yoga unites body, mind and breath, and my goal is to allow every student to feel at home in their bodies, knowing they can start exactly where they are.