Bess Sharkey

I thought for many years that I would like yoga, but was afraid of taking that first step. For all of you out there like me, don’t be afraid. At the Yoga Shed you won’t be judged, and you may just find that healthier course for your life you’ve been wishing for.

Missy School-Keough

I recently signed up for yoga because I need to calm down and find balance in my life. I signed up for a Balance class taught by Emma and I enjoyed the heck out of it! My mind was focused and I really pushed myself to stay present, and balanced. I firmly believe you have to find a proper class and instructor and the Yoga Shed is the place to find the fun in yoga.

Wendy Harrison

The Yoga Shed is welcoming and cares about the folks whom do the classes. They teach proper form and teach it so one can understand. They are a benefit to all and the community. All are welcome which is shown through the diverse folks whom take classes. My personal journey in accepting my body has greatly been deepened through their support!

Donna Haines

The shed is the perfect place to learn, and progress through the technique of yoga to advance yourself into the depths of yoga at your comfortable pace. My experience here has been wonderful. I began with the beginners class will Arielle and proceeded into the level 2 beginners class with Arielle. Her patience, dedication and encouragement is what keeps me coming back. I have enrolled again in the beginners 2 class just to improve my skills a bit more before branching out to more advanced work. I am 54 years young and have found a fantastic way to treat myself to a form of mind body and sole of a healthy body. Thank you Arielle, and her assistants for making this happen. Thank you for re-introducing me to my subscapularis muscles. It feels so great. See you next week. Namaste

Retha Thompson

I went to a 3 hour chair yoga workshop on Saturday, January 12th. The time flew by. It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. It was all hands on, doing chair yoga poses. I am hearing impaired and the teacher spoke clearly and enunciated words so I could hear. She created a warm welcoming environment. The workshop was intense without pressure to do poses correctly. So many modifications were given for each pose. I loved this workshop at the Shed in Deland!!!

Robert Hoelscher

Passionate, caring, and professional yoga instructors who provide a wide range of yoga styles at great prices. I really enjoy the alignment focus, the core flow, and relaxation sessions. Since the “Stay at Home” order, I’ve been attending the online sessions via Zoom. Instructors are very attentive to client abilities, limitations, and needs. The sessions are also interactive and not very different than being in the studio. I’m so glad I can still do my practice with such a great set of instructors!! I highly recommend you check them out!

Ken Allan

West Volusia Road Runners voted me most active because of all the different things I do, they include: sailing, sculling, kayaking, hiking in 3rd world countries, hang gliding, running, swimming to mention a few. I do all this because I also do YOGA and because I have a great instructor. I do no do YOGA, I practice YOGA as a necessary part of my life to keep me going like the chilld I love to be. I am 70 and expect to be practicing with my friend and instructor well into my 90’s. So with that said if you want a great teacher get busy learning a skill that will help you in everything you do in life.

Jay Moledzki

As a professional athlete I personally recognize the value in staying strong and flexible. Emma’s yoga classes have helped elevate my performance to the next level. Thanks Emma!!

Jim Nichols

Emma is nothing short of extremely enthusiastic. Her enthusiasm combined with a vast knowledge of proper Yoga technique lays a solid foundation for the practice of Yoga. This practice has been essential in allowing me to continue other demanding sports such as surfing and soccer. Above all, Emma’s genuine sincerity and attention to individual student’s progress/needs always keeps me coming back for more!

Lindsay Widdall

I LOVE EMMA YOGA. I had been to many yoga classes in the past but nothing gripped me like this. I really like the precision alignment style, and of course the expert way in which Emma teaches it. After taking class with her for a couple of years I decided to do the Acro Balancing workshop and the teacher training, both of which were fantastic, words cannot explain. I found I became more aware of my body and my mind, and Im 100% sure it improved my skydiving skills. Much love and big thanks for everything.