Ella Ran

Ella Ran

Studio Owner & Yoga Teacher

Ella Ran has been teaching at the Yoga Shed since 2016, and became the studio owner in 2019. Her yoga practice began in 2006 while living in Israel and became a more integral part of her life after moving back to DeLand and taking regular classes at the Shed in 2012. Ella has been studying with a senior Iyengar mentor for several years now, with plans to become a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CITY) in 2021.

During her time as a professional skydiver, she suffered a skydiving accident (repeated whiplash), leading her to dive into the practice of yoga for its therapeutic aspects of pain management. After completing her 300 hour SIYI teacher training program at the Yoga Shed, a life-changing event, she began teaching weekly back care classes with the hopes of helping others move out of chronic pain or prevent future injuries.

Ella’s classes offer an opportunity to explore awareness of body, breath and mind while following the methodical approach of Precision Alignment Yoga. She is an enthusiastic and caring teacher, who provides each student with individual attention and help, to ensure every body is able to participate and receive the benefits of yoga.

Her classes offer ample modifications, making her classes welcoming and open to those from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners. She is passionate about sharing the gifts of Yoga with others, and looks forward to every class she teaches and each student who gives her the opportunity to share her journey with.

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