I went to my first yoga class in 2009 and the only thing I remember from that class is how awesome it felt to lay down with my eyes closed and the lights turned off at the end of class. I went to a few classes sporadically after that, but didn’t regularly practice until 2013 as a way to cope with my busy work life. Yoga was an avenue for me to relax and escape from the stress.

Then in 2016, I went through the SIYI teacher training program to delve deeper into my practice, but not necessarily to become a teacher. It was an eye-opening journey and revealed how imbalanced I felt with my career at the time.

Weeks into the program, I quit my job to pursue my true passion of working in the music industry and haven’t turned back since.

Now having completed my certification in 2017, I’m excited to pursue another passion that I didn’t realize existed within me, which is to deepen my yoga practice not only as an eternal student, but now as a yoga instructor with the Shed.

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