Arielle Hernandez

Yoga Teacher

Arielle graduated from The University of South Florida in Tampa in 2012 with a B.A. in Dance Studies. In December 2013, Arielle completed the 300hr Teacher Training Certification in Precision Alignment Yoga through the Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors (SIYI) program offered at The Yoga Shed. She has studied with Emma Tranter, founder of The Yoga Shed, as well as with the founders of SIYI, Betty Larsen and John Charping.

The experience of yoga is a very personal one, and so I share my experience the only way I know how; as a personal story. Dancing since I was 3 years old, I never knew yoga existed until college. I took a few yoga classes, but I always came out feeling a bit confused. What was the purpose? If you want to stretch, just go to a dance class. You’ll get more out of it! Or so I thought. Until one day a friend urged me to try a class at The Yoga Shed. She was certain I would love it, so I reluctantly agreed to attend a Sunday 7:00am class taught by Emma. Sun burnt and drained from the previous day’s activities, I left feeling renewed. I had never experienced anything like it before. My whole life I had worked hard to push my body, and now I was being told to accept it as it was at that moment. Something had changed, and even though I didn’t know exactly what that was, what I did know was that I wanted to experience it again.

During my freshman year of college, I suffered an ankle injury and had to take a whole semester off. My plans had to change and I never fully recovered from it. I was lost, but through practice and self study I found a path to discovering my truest self. Even on those bad days where I feel lost all over again, I have the tools to find my way back towards that place of absolute consciousness; that place of union with the “Self” (the self with a capital “S”). A place I aim to experience with every person who takes a class that I teach. That doesn’t always happen, but that’s ok, too. As a teacher, I am still a student, still growing and still learning.

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