New to Yoga?

Well, you’ve come to the perfect place! Try a Beginner Series with us, or join any of our beginner-friendly classes.

Our new student special is just $39 for three weeks of UNLIMITED yoga. This is a great way to try out several different classes and instructors, to find the best fit for you.

As a Precision Alignment Yoga school, we focus our asana training strongly in the principles of anatomical alignment. We believe aligning the physical body brings alignment of our subtle energy body, which can in turn align our mental and emotional bodies. With the physical body supported and our energy flowing freely, our thoughts and emotions become balanced and we are then able to move towards health.

In our alignment classes you can expect to learn the how and why of what you’re doing. We use an action-wise approach, and break down the asanas (postures) into their basic components so you are always practicing in an intelligent, knowledgeable and safe way.

Each student attending our classes receives personal attention and guidance, so you feel safe and confident that you are practicing in a healthy manner. Our Yoga Instructors set a standard of the highest quality instruction, from their years of dedicated practice and continued study and – most importantly – from the knowledge and teachings of our own teachers. We would like to acknowledge our teachers Emma Tranter, Betty Larsen, John Charping, Ramanand Patel, BKS Iyengar and ALL of the teachers that came before them.

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