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Upcoming Series: Healthy Hips – START April 1st

When the body is “out of alignment”, the weight of the body is no longer supported by the bones. Coupled with the force of gravity pulling us downward, the weight of the body can cause severe unnatural stress to the muscular-skeletal system. Many aches, pains and injuries stem from an already tight, misaligned body. With the body in this state, it doesn’t take much more stress to cause more pain or to seriously injure oneself.

The benefits of Precision Alignment Yoga are many. Bringing the body into alignment allows the body to work as it was designed: To help support the skeletal system so that we may move freely and effortlessly. With an aligned structure, the organs also have the space and freedom to function properly. And then from this point, the systems of the body have the opportunity to work as they were designed.

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Thursday 5:30 pm 6:45 pm Ella Ran
5:30 pm - 6:45 pm - Ella Ran - at

Ella Ran has been teaching yoga since 2016. In 2006, while living in Israel, she began practicing yoga during her training as a dance instructor. She worked as a skydiving instructor and completed her B.A in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy in 2012, before moving back to the United States with her husband. A chronic injury and skydiving accident (whiplash) led

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