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In a Precision Alignment II Yoga class, you will learn how to use alignment principles to improve form and technique in the yoga postures. Building both strength and flexibility of body and mind. You will learn precise ways to position the body in order to gain maximum benefits from the yoga postures and avoid injury. You will explore and discover how aligning the body can bring balance to your physical structure, while also helping align its energetic pathways.

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Wednesday 9:00 am 10:15 am Ella Ran
9:00 am - 10:15 am - Ella Ran - at

Ella Ran has been teaching yoga since 2016. In 2006, while living in Israel, she began practicing yoga during her training as a dance instructor. She worked as a skydiving instructor and completed her B.A in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy in 2012, before moving back to the United States with her husband. A chronic injury and skydiving accident (whiplash) led

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