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The Yoga Shed

At The Yoga Shed, it is our intention to create a safe and trusting environment for all of our clients, while providing the highest quality of instruction and service that we can. As professionals and passionate beings, it is the intention of all the teachers at The Yoga Shed to share their experience, knowledge, and understanding of the ancient art and science of Yoga in a professional, compassionate, and health-oriented way. Namaste.

The Style

As a Precision Alignment Yoga school, we focus our asana training strongly on the principles of anatomical alignment. We believe that aligning the physical body allows us to align and free our Vital Life Force Energy. With the physical body supported and the energy flowing freely, our thoughts, feelings, and emotions have the opportunity to become more balanced. From this place, we are then able to move towards health.
Yoga does not simply start and finish with postures. It is a holistic system and philosophy. At the heart of that system you will find what is called the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The eight limbs of yoga include: Asana (Postures); Pranayama (Mindful Breathing & Control of Energy through restraint of breath); Niyamas (Observences of Practices); Yamas (Restraints); Pratyahara (Withdrawl of the Senses or turning inward); Dharana (Concentration or one pointed focus); Dhyana (Meditation); and Samadhi (Total Absorption or Union of the Self.) At The Yoga Shed it is our intention to share yoga as a whole and incorporate all eight limbs of yoga into our teachings.

Why Precision Alignment Yoga

When the body is “out of alignment”, the weight of the body is no longer supported by the bones. Coupled with the force of gravity pulling us downward, the weight of the body can cause severe unnatural stress to the muscular-skeletal system. Many aches, pains and injuries stem from an already tight, misaligned body. With the body in this state, it doesn’t take much more stress to cause more pain or to seriously injure oneself.

The benefits of Precision Alignment Yoga are many. Bringing the body into alignment allows the body to work as it was designed: To help support the skeletal system so that we may move freely and effortlessly. With an aligned structure, the organs also have the space and freedom to function properly. And then from this point, the systems of the body have the opportunity to work as they were designed.

  • I LOVE EMMA YOGA. I had been to many yoga classes in the past but nothing gripped me like this. I really like the precision alignment style, and of course the expert way in which Emma teaches it. After taking class with her for a couple of years I decided to do the Acro Balancing workshop and the teacher training, both of which were fantastic, words cannot explain. I found I became more aware of my body and my mind, and Im 100% sure it improved my skydiving skills. Much love and big thanks for everything.

    Lindsay Widdall

  • Emma is nothing short of extremely enthusiastic. Her enthusiasm combined with a vast knowledge of proper Yoga technique lays a solid foundation for the practice of Yoga. This practice has been essential in allowing me to continue other demanding sports such as surfing and soccer. Above all, Emma’s genuine sincerity and attention to individual student’s progress/needs always keeps me coming back for more!

    Jim Nichols

  • As a professional athlete I personally recognize the value in staying strong and flexible. Emma’s yoga classes have helped elevate my performance to the next level. Thanks Emma!!

    Jay Moledzki

  • I am a longtime skydiver, a father of three boys, and a busy executive in a sports manufacturing firm. These three areas of my life have been greatly enhanced by my participation in Emma’s Precision Alignment Yoga classes and workshops. Since I started learning about yoga with Emma, my life has become so much more balanced, enjoyable, and meaningful.

    John Le Blanc

  • Emma is a truly brilliant teacher. I have felt genuinely inspired and physically rewarded after every single class that I have taken with her. Her instructions are clear and she exudes kindness and respect for all of her students. My wife and I spontaneously break into words of praise for Emma and her work each time we leave her studio. I cannot recommend her more highly. Do yourself a real favor and commit to a series of classes with her. You will not regret it.

    Robert Sitler

  • West Volusia Road Runners voted me most active because of all the different things I do, they include: sailing, sculling, kayaking, hiking in 3rd world countries, hang gliding, running, swimming to mention a few. I do all this because I also do YOGA and because I have a great instructor. I do no do YOGA, I practice YOGA as a necessary part of my life to keep me going like the chilld I love to be. I am 70 and expect to be practicing with my friend and instructor well into my 90’s. So with that said if you want a great teacher get busy learning a skill that will help you in everything you do in life.

    Ken Allan

  • Emma is a most excellent yoga instructor, in fact I consider her my yoga guru…intelligent, challenging, soothing and a great example of what a yoga instructor and yoga class should be. Thanks Emma for all the good times and wishing you great success with the yoga shed…peace, love and happiness.


  • It’s difficult to find any teacher in any discipline that’s able to balance a class so that it’s not boring for people more experienced or too challenging for someone just starting. I’ve been lucky enough to learn from two people that are that talented as teachers. I’ve done yoga classes with Emma and skydiving with Plamer and I personally think their energy is some of the most positive in Deland. It’s awesome to know that your teacher genuinely cares about you as much as what they are teaching. Emma’s yoga classes always seem to be exactly what I needed. I always end up feeling energized, refreshed and ready for anything, even after yoga classes that I took when I hadn’t slept for a few days because of school. I think it’s great that it’s not just a token yoga class that runs through the asanas. I can’t help being engaged and learning something about proper positioning or being in tune with my breath; even in my most distracted of moments. I’m unbelievably excited for the Yoga Shed to open

    Katie Kohnen

  • Lindsay Widdall
  • Jim Nichols
  • Jay Moledzki
  • John Le Blanc
  • Robert Sitler
  • Ken Allan
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  • Katie Kohnen